Wessex Way

Yesterday I did a recce of the first section of the walk. It is stunning. Scenery, history, religion. We are in for a treat!

Walking on byways, paths, etc. travelled on for thousands of years by our forefathers in a unique and tremendous experience.

We will meet at 10am by the library in Marlborough. The library is on the right hand side at the far end of the high street.

Go along the high street head right on the A4. Go under the archway which is part of the college. The next right is college farm. There is parking in the road leading up to the leisure centre. It is a short walk for there to the library. If you want to get there earlier we can have a coffee in one of the cafes in Marlborough.

The reason I do the recces is so that when we do the actual section we can just walk. This way were are not stopping to consult the map, getting lost etc. The Wessex Ridgeway is not marked like the ridgeway so the recce become so much more important. This is the reason for the £10 charge. However, I would hate it if anybody was not coming because of the money. Things are difficult enough for everyone at the moment. I desperately hope that you will still come if you are not in a position to pay. In fact it is probably more important that you come and enjoy the walk

Please let me know ASAP this week so I can leave the appropriate vehicle at the end.




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