Sport has always been a passion of mine but due to a severe illness as a teen, I was unable to use these passions as a vocation. Instead, in my early twenties, I went into the building trade which seemed the next best thing being outdoors and physical. A few years later, in 1987, I started my own business and I have been building ever since.


Although I have always played sport and kept fit, I only really began to get serious about it again five years ago. Ironically, this was because I was coming back from a serious knee injury which had left me unable to do sport for seven years. In 2005, I was part of a group that decided to undertake the three peaks challenge and during this time I got to know a sports and fitness instructor, Roddy Slater of RAW Health and Fitness. Roddy not only treated me but he also inspired me. After only a few months of work with him, I went from doing nothing to running a mountain marathon.


Since then, I have been involved in a number of challenges. I absolutely love the outdoors, challenging myself and seeing what is possible. Having still got this yearning to do something in the sports and fitness arena, I started Fit 4 The Challenge to share this passion with others, to share my love of the outdoors, to offer challeges, fitness training and nutrition advice – all with the aim of helping other people of all ages achieve what they thought was previously not possible.


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